Dreams of a Vehicle

Four headed sun god, Sūrya- 19th Century. US public Domain
Four headed sun god, Sūrya- 19th Century. US public Domain

A vehicle can represent “a mode of traveling the road of life.”

“Vehicles of often certain folk tradition to symbolize an attitude to life. Thus, the two major groups within Buddhism are popularly termed the Mahayana and the Hinayana, words which mean ‘great vehicle’ and ‘lesser vehicle’, respectively… The specific image ‘car’ has no fixed meaning, but must be interpreted in the light of the dream story.” (Broadribb, 1990)


  1. The dream story by Donald Broadribb – 1990

Self beyond self

Buddha, resisting the demons of Mara, Description. Welcome Trust Creative Commons.
Buddha, resisting the demons of Mara, Welcome Trust Creative Commons.

In the image above we see Buddha resisting the demons of Mara. The demons are said to represent those forces which prevent him us attaining enlightenment. In the image the angels watch from above.

In the Samyutta Nikaya, there is a story of a Buddhist contemplative named Vajira who has an encounter with Mara. In the story Mara, Evil, is vanquished through Vajira’s insights into the nature of enlightenment. The story is as follows:

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Overflowing thoughts

An 85-year old Ivatan woman sitting at her house’s door by Anne Jimenes, 2007, Creative Commons

A peaceful woman sat quietly on her front porch drinking her tea and watching the birds frolic. One day a stranger was walking by and saw the peaceful woman sitting on the porch. Taken by her calm abiding, she asked if she could join her. The peaceful woman welcomed the stranger, and offered her a cup of tea.

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