References for Carl G. Jung

This page is to help you find the references I make in my blog posts. It is not a complete or perfect list. If you are looking to find a complete bibliography for Carl Jung then please see the references at the bottom of the page. They may be of some help.

The Collected Works (CW) of C. G. Jung

This is the Bollingen Series. It is the main collection of Carl Jung’s writings which I use in my writing and research. If I cite a work, I typically cite it Carl Jung, CW _, para. _. This means that you should be able to find the passage in the Collected Works  of Carl Jung, within a given paragraph. I site the paragraph because it is more specific than the page number. Please check all the references if you are going to use them your research. I am likely to have errors and omissions. If I simply site Carl Jung and a year, it probably means I found the reference in one of Carl Jung’s writings that is not in the Collected Works (see below).

  1. Psychiatric Studies,
  2. Experimental Researches
  3. The Psychogenesis of Mental Disease
  4. Freud and Psychoanalysis
  5. Symbols of Transformation (in US Pubic Domain, first published 1912)
  6. Psychological Types
  7. Two Essays on Analytical Psychology
  8. The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche
  9. Part – 1 – The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious                                                    Part 2 – Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self – originally published in German in
  10. Civilization in Transition
  11. Psychology and Religion: West and East
  12. Psychology and Alchemy
  13. Alchemical Studies
  14. Mysterium Coniunctionis, an Inquiry Into the Separation and Synthesis of Psychic Opposites in Alchemy
  15. The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature
  16. The Practice of Psychotherapy
  17. The Development of Personality
  18. The Symbolic Life. Miscellaneous Writings

Other published works by Carl Jung I may cite:

Philemon Series (

  • The Jung-White Letters
  • Children’s Dreams
  • The Red Book

Other titles from the Bollingen Series

  • Supplementary Volume A – The Zofingia Lectures
  • Analytical Psychology: Notes of the Seminars Given in 1925
  • Dream Analysis: Notes of the Seminars Given in 1928-30
  • Visions: Notes on the Seminars Given in 1930-34
  • Nietzsche’s Zarathustra: Notes of the Seminars Given in 1934-39: Vol 1
  • Nietzsche’s Zarathustra: Notes of the Seminars Given in 1934-39: Vol 2

Other works I may cite

  • Jung, C. G., & Shamdasani, S. The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga: notes of a seminar by C.G. Jung.
  • Jung, C. G. Modern Man in Search of a Soul.
  • Jung, C. G., & Dell, S. M. The Integration of the Personality.
  • Jung, C. G. Essays on Contemporary Events.
  • Jung, C.G.  The I Ching or Book of Changes.
  • Jung, C. G. Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle.
  • Jung, C. G.  The Undiscovered Self.
  • Jung, C. G., & De Laszlo, V. S. Psyche and Symbol: A Selection from the Writings of C.G. Jung.
  • Jung, C. G., & De Laszlo, V. S. Basic Writings.
  • Jung, C. G., & Jaffe A. Memories, Dreams, Reflections.
  • Conversations with Carl Jung and Reactions from Ernest Jones.
  • Jung, C. G. Man and His Symbols.

Post-Jungian References:

Other references:

  • Psyche: The Cult of Souls and the Belief in Immortality Among the Greeks, translated by Erwin Rohde– 1925

  • Dream dictionary: a guide to dreams and sleep experiences by Tony Crisp – 1991.  (Although this books looks to be rather quite banal from the title, it is has wonderful interpretation of dreams.)
  • The dream story by Donald Broadribb – 1990

A last note: this list is based upon three sources: a list complied in wikipedia, google books, and my personal library. If you are a researcher please do not count on this page. This reference page is here to orient my readers as to where I have found particular passages, and should not be taken to be a complete or perfect reference page.

Here are a couple of great references: Carl Jung publications This is the reference list that I use, but have altered to fit my needs. Thank you Wikipedia! Carl Jung bibliography

Princeton University bibliography

Internets References:

Jung Lexicon: A Primer of Terms & Concepts by Daryl Sharp- 1991

Media References:

I try to use the public domain for all of my art images. Wikimedia is my primary source. Thank you wikimedia!