about Jenna Lilla

I am interested in the nature of Being. I am also interested in knowing the nature of my own being, and the nature of other living beings. Thus, this blog centers around the subject of ‘Real Being’.

Throughout my life, I have sought to know the nature of my own Being through meditation and spiritual exploration, as well as thought the study of analytical psychology and the spiritual teachings of Vedanta. This blog aims to share some insights and images that speak to Real Being, both from a psychological perspective and a spiritual perspective.

I am currently a personal coach. I hold the following degrees: a PhD in psychology; a MA in rhetoric and communication; and a BA in psychology. Throughout my life, I have participated in various trainings and certifications in the healing arts: Gestalt therapy, depth hypnosis, life coaching, Ericksonian hypnosis, medical Qigong. I also trained in a form of shamanic journeying and healing for a few years via an Apache shaman.

I have worked with clients as a spiritual counselor and personal coach, as well as teaching college level courses in interpersonal communication. I have never been licensed as a mental health practitioner, nor am I up to date on mental health issues. I consider myself more of a spiritual teacher than a counselor or therapist. Most of all, I am a person dedicated to knowledge of Real Being– for both myself and others.

I currently live in Southern Oregon with my partner. We enjoy living simply, hiking, making food, and soaking in the local hot springs. My time is currently dedicated to writing a book on ‘Real Being’, as well as working with a few folks here and there who are in the process of discovering their own Being.

I often meet many people who are in the process of awakening. My work is inspired by hearing the many stories of awakening, and by my intuition that we are in a time of great awakening. I aim to support and encourage that awakening.

Blessings on your journey!