Sophia: divine wisdom

Icon of Sophia from warm St. George church in Vologda, circa late 16 century. US public Domain via wikimedia
Icon of Sophia from warm St. George church in Vologda, circa late 16 century. US public Domain via wikimedia

In the image above, we see an image of Sophia, as wholly wisdom or divine wisdom. Sophia is an important archetypal image of the divine feminine. Sophia sometimes appears as mother and sometimes as bride.

Carl Jung speaks of Sophia as the ‘mother of God’:

“Sophia as wisdom is the personification of the Holy Ghost, and the Holy Ghost has been understood as the mother of God; in the first and second centuries there were numbers of Christians who believed that Mary the mother of God was really a sort of allegory and Sophia was the real mother, the Holy Ghost.” [1]

In the 16th Century, Jakob Böhme speaks of Sophia as his bride. Böhme says:

“I rely upon her faithful promise when she appeared to me that she wanted to change all my sorrow into great joy. As I was prostrate upon the mountain around midnight and many kinds of storms engulfed me, she came to comfort me and wedded herself to me.”







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4 thoughts on “Sophia: divine wisdom

  1. I hope it is not inappropriate to share this dream I just had on the 22nd of September from my dream journal. But I was very struck by these words from Böhme from above, “…thou shalt certainly obtain the Favor of a Kiss from the Noble Sophia (or Divine Wisdom)…” In this dream I kiss a woman who is very much like Sophia, though until I read the post I had not been able to identify her with (or as) such as noble personage. I feel very blessed right now and felt blessed on awakening from my dream, even when I didn’t have this association. The dream:

    I go into a large building that houses many individually owned retail shops and eating and drinking establishments, etc., like a large mall. As I walk past several restaurants and drinking locations, they are filled with well dressed, middle-class black professional types. Their suits and dresses are expensive and well tailored. Many of them have their winter overcoats folded neatly on their tables in an identical manner. Among them seemed to be people I had known years ago, back in my high school days, back in Kansas City. I feel mild alienation and envy, and a certain amount of lowered self-esteem.

    I continue on to my destination where I come into a shop (maybe a dry cleaners) with a friendly black woman behind the counter. I get a very friendly and good vibe from her. She is like an older friend by a number of years who is very supportive of me. I’m not certain why I have come there, but she wants to make things right for me. She is writing something to give to me, possible a check. She tells me also that she expects me to take an extra $50 dollars for myself just to make sure I’m well compensated. I want to tell her that it is nice of her, but I don’t need for her or expect her to compensate me. I don’t believe I tell her this, though, because I don’t want to step on her pleasure in giving to me.

    Before I leave her shop, she comes from behind the counter, and tells me that she knows when I come to this location I always want to go to those places I passed by, but she wants me to go to a different shop/location. She tells me I will like it more, then she gives me something to give to the other shop owner to let that person know that she is sending me. She tells me the person at the other store will be sure to be take good care of me. It seems that it may have been a yogurt shop or bakery, something fun but good. Before I leave she comes close to me. I am very taken with her friendliness. I kiss her on the mouth lightly and she kisses me back. She is very pleased. I am too. She has great affection for me, a genuine affection that though there was an element of eros in the kiss, eros was transcended by an affection more nurturing and more purely concerned for my well being.

    Thanks for letting me share. 🙂

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