Jakob Bohme and the Split within God

Theosophia revelata, Jokob Böhme, 1730- US public domain via wikimedia
Theosophia revelata, Jokob Böhme, 1730- US public domain via wikimedia

Böhme’s cosmology includes a division into the light and a dark aspects of the God image. For Böhme’s the God-image is split from within. The split is between the Holy Ghost as the light aspect and the Father as the dark.

In Gnostic philosophy, God splits into the pure form of spirit and the fallen form of the material universe. The Gnostics locate the primordial duality of Good and Evil into God himself. God is Demiurge. As demiurge, he is subordinate to the infinite divine, and yet is the tyrannical controller of the material world. The demiure keeps us trapped in materially with his antagonism to all that is light and spiritual. Slavoj Zizek says:

“The material universe into which we are fallen is the creation of an evil and/or stupid divinity, and what gives us hope is the good divinity which keeps alive the promise of another reality, our true home.”

Christianity, on the other hand, offers an image of unity and oneness. The evil is human evil and the origin of evil is principle related to freedom. Zizek says:

“Evil is either finitude as such, the inertia of material reality, or the spiritual act of willfully turning away from God.”



Slavoj Zizek, With or Without Passion: What’s Wrong with Fundamentalism? – Part I Found at at http://zizek.livejournal.com/4407.html


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