Astrological Constellation Cancer

Crab constellation in Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi astronomy treaty. US Public Domain, Wikimedia
Crab constellation in Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi astronomy treaty. US Public Domain, Wikimedia

The Crab Constellation, otherwise known as Cancer. This image is by ‘Abd al Rahman ibn ‘Umar al-Sufi’. He was a Persian astronomer and published his Book of Fixed Stars in 964 AD. In The Hindu Book of Astrology (1902), Bhakti Seva speak of Cancer:

“Cancer is the head sign of the Water Triplicity. Hindu Astrology teaches persons born in this sign much that will enable them to go through life successfully. In the first place, you are naturally restless and nervous, and have a hard time making your friends understand your true nature. It is important that you know all your faults and realize that you must overcome them before you can reach the high degree of success which you can attain, and which belongs to your sign. Really you can become very successful and reach greatness by paying strict attention to what I here tell you. Your propensity is to travel, and it would be an excellent thing if you could engage in some occupation that would require you to be on the go most of the time. But don’t travel about chasing rainbows or will-o’-the-wisps. Have a steadfast and earnest purpose in everything you do, and try to acquire much knowledge of the world by reading good books of travel, history and biographical sketches. Learn at once that it is a very bad thing for you to talk about yourself—about the great things you have done or intend doing. Be silent and act, ever remembering that performance and true work speak louder than boastful talk. Don’t get discouraged or make yourself miserable because you cannot do all of the great things you see others doing. If you will keep calm and patient you can attract unseen planetary and solar forces which in time will enable you to surpass in accomplishment many of your acquaintances who seem to be ahead of you. Your best plan is to be secretive and work quietly without letting anyone know your plans. “Acts speak louder than words; silence is golden.” You must be at the head and not at the tail end of things, and you can accomplish this by quiet thought, careful study and much reading of the lives of successful men and women. Learn all you can and understand that knowledge and wisdom is power. Stick persistently to one kind of occupation and don’t fritter and waste your energy and powers by changing from one thing to another. While you are naturally adapted to do many things well, take the advice of one who knows what he is writing about and stick faithfully and persistently to one thing at a time. If you will follow the teachings of Hindu Astrologers, you will never regret it. Under no circumstances tell a lie; be truthful and honest, and you will receive great reward. There is a Great and Loving Ruler of this universe to whom you ought to pray for Light, Love and Direction. Such prayers are always answered. He, the Blessed One, can lead you to all peace and all happiness. The Devas (angels) are ever ready to help you. Have the strongest faith in yourself, for you can succeed and progress and go onward, forward and upward, if you once realize what a great being you are. Cancer people have always furnished the world with great and grand people. Make up your mind that you will be one more of this class. It is in You to be good and great, and you certainly can become so by following Bhakti Seva’s advice, as given here.