Astrological Constellation Gemini


Gemini constellation in Persian astronomer Abd al-Rahman Sufi's book - 1964. New York Public Library. US Public Domain.
Gemini constellation in Persian astronomer Abd al-Rahman Sufi’s book – 1964. New York Public Library. US Public Domain.

Gemini constellation. This image is by ‘Abd al Rahman ibn ‘Umar al-Sufi’. He was a Persian astronomer and published his Book of Fixed Stars in 964 AD. In The Hindu Book of Astrology (1902), Bhakti Seva speak of Gemini:

“This is the head sign of the Air Triplicity. Gemini people have a vivacious, restless and anxious nature. This is the sign of the Twins, and all born in it have two distinct and pronounced natures—one very low and one very high. As they are apt to be extremists in everything they do, they usually experience alternately the very highest success and great failure—are either very strong and healthy, or are weakly and sick. There is only one thing for a Gemini person to do, and that is to first realize his dual nature and then go to work with a grim determination to kill the lower or base nature. It can be done, and when accomplished, the Gemini man or woman rises to the very highest success and happiness. You will find you have two minds all the time in intense action; one says do this and the other says do that. You want to travel and you want to stay at home; you want to work like a demon, and you want to be as lazy and indolent as a drone. Always restless, always anxious and apprehensive, and yet at times very calm. This restless, nervous temperament is due to fear and doubt, and must be supplanted by courage and hope and faith. As a matter of fact, there is no person who can do more and achieve greater success than you can if you will only understand how favorably you are born and your great and wonderful forces of the unseen world which are always ready to help you, if you will only give these powers half a chance. You must learn to be moderate and patient, and keep in a calm, quiet, receptive condition, when great and good things will flow to you in abundance. In other words, place all of your trust and confidence in the Great and Wise God who made and rules All in this universe. I know you are apt to doubt this truth, but stop a moment and be reasonable—use your fine and great mind. Look about you and observe everything and soberly ask yourself could this world and all that is in it; this great universe, with its countless solar systems and countless worlds; these human beings, of which I am one, happen by chance? By cool and calm observation and reflection you will answer the question by admitting there must be an intelligent head or force back of it all. Now, this Blessed One, of which everything in the universe, especially You are a part, can help you. God is all in all, and is all love, and does not create to destroy. You have absolutely nothing to fear or doubt. All that is necessary for you to do to accomplish all your desires is to have full and unbounded faith in yourself, and then you will be successful.

You can amass great wealth, have perfect health, and permanent happiness the very moment you begin to live in your higher nature. Worry, discontent, complaining and murmuring will keep you in darkness and misery. Improve your mind, study and read much, observe more, and understand knowledge and wisdom brings to man all power and all force and all success and happiness. You must get full control of your desires, appetites and passions, and not be too anxious, too ambitious or too impatient. Learn to not worry, hurry or scurry through life. Do one thing at a time and do that one thing well. Whenever you start any undertaking don’t stop until you bring it to an end. Associate with refined and educated people as much as you can, and do not place too high a value on your abilities.

Above all things be truthful and avoid making extravagant statements or narrating exploits in which you were the central figure; in plain English, don’t be an egotist. In India many of the great seers, sages, Yogis and adepts came out of this sign. The Gemini person is naturally very magnetic and has wonderful hypnotic and clairvoyant powers. Some of the greatest philosophers and prophets of the world were born in this sign.”