Individuation: transformation occuring between sun and moon

Johann MichaelFaust, Compendium Alchemist-- c. 1706. US public domain via wikimedia
Image from the Compendium alchymist by Johann Michael Faust- 1706 US public domain via wikimedia

In the image above, we see an alchemical drawing by Johann Michael Faust (1663-1707).  The image is from the Compendium Alchymist. The book text reads:

“Compendium alchymisticum novum, immersive Pandora explicata et figuris illustrata; which is the noblest gift of God, or a Güldener treasure with which the old and new Philosophi that imperfect metal, by force of fire.”

Carl Jung says that”in alchemical pictures .. the transformative substance … is always shown between sun and moon” (CW 9I, para. 240). The image above appears to represent this transformative potential. In the drawing, we read ‘Fermentatio’, as the process of transformation through fermentation.  The text reads of ‘noblest gift of God’… ‘a treasure’… ‘by force of fire.’

Individuation is a process of transformation, as the meeting of the unconscious and conscious give rise to transformations. This process occurs through dreams, imagination, art, and mythic thinking.


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