Faust’s Dream

Faust's Dream, by Luis Ricardo Falero- 1880. Sotheby's. US Public Domain.
Faust’s Dream, by Luis Ricardo Falero- 1880. Sotheby’s. US Public Domain. Click to enlarge.

FAUST: What is your name?

MEPHISTOPHELES: The question seems absurd / For someone who despises the mere word, / Who treats appearances as vain illusion / And seeks the truth in such remote seclusion.

FAUST: But with you gentlemen the name/  And nature’s usually the same, /And we can often recognize The Liar, the Destroyer, or the Lord of Flies. / Who are you, then?

MEPHISTOPHELES: A part of that same power that would/  Forever work for evil, yet forever creates good.

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(Goethe Faust, Part I Scene iii)



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