Transcendence: ascent of the soul


Hieronymus Bosch, Ascent of the Blessed. between circa 1490 and circa 1516. US public domain, wikimedia 

“The soul is presupposed as a ready-made agent, which displays such features as its acts and utterances, from which we can learn what it is, what sort of faculties and powers it possesses — all without being aware that the act and utterance of what the soul is really invests it with that character in our conception and makes it reach a higher stage of being than it explicitly had before.” -Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Philosophy of Spirit, p.7

“Consciousness sets itself up as Reason, awaking at one bound to the sense of its rationality: and this Reason by its activity emancipates itself to objectivity and the consciousness of its intelligent unity.” -Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Philosophy of Spirit, p.6

“By logic and reason we die hourly. By imagination we live.” –William Butler Yeats