Let us become seers

Nagas procession at Kumbh Mela, Haridwar, 1998 by Stefania Zamparelli, via Creative Commons
Nagas procession at Kumbh Mela, 1998, photo taken by Stefania Zamparelli via Creative Commons (OTRS)

“The artist is a seer, a becomer.” -Gilles Deluze.

Let us all become artists of our lives. Let us become seers.

As we open to the divine within life as it appears within a moment we become seers. As we place our attention on the present moment and feel into our sensations and emotional truth we become seers.

In seeing we become aware of the aesthetic dimension of being. By opening to the aesthetic dimension of a given moment we expand awareness to perceive the divine within life.

Most human beings are closed down to the aesthetic dimensions of being. We defended against the intensity of being. And in this defensive posture humans close down their natural ability to perceive the divine as it appears within life.

In expanding our perceptual awareness we realize that the mind does not need to struggle against the aesthetic intensity of life. We can open to the aesthetic dimension by increasing our capacity for awareness of the intensity inherent in the oppositional nature of life: the love and hate, the beauty and the disgust, the sorrow and the joy. We can increase our capacity to witness and be attuned to the affect and percepts of being, even in their multiplicity.

Deleuze says “The artist creates blocs of percepts and affects”. As artists of our own life, each of us can choose to open to the percepts and affects inherent in a given moment. In doing so we become more capable of attuning awareness to sensations and emotions that are our own personal representations of the divine.

Mindful creativity encourage awareness of our being though coming into contact with emergent awareness, and offers an experience of presence in affect, as one centers on the simplicity of perception. Deleuze says “The work of art is a being of sensation and nothing else: it exists in itself.”


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