Sacred Visions of the Ordinary

Coffin of Imam 'Ali, Folio from a Falnama (The Book of Omens) of Ja'far al-Sadiq, mid-1550s–early 1560s. US Public Domain wikimedia
Coffin of Imam ‘Ali, Folio from a Falnama (The Book of Omens) of Ja’far al-Sadiq, mid-1550s–early 1560s. US Public Domain wikimedia

The Sufi poets say that there is a sacred organ of perception. With this sacred organ one can see the world of angels. We can develop such an organ, and with it we might just see angels all around us: the humming birds that feed off the bright red flowers in summertime, the little beetles that go about doing their busy work all day, even our neighbors who do similar busy work. All beings are angels when perceived through the sacred organ of perception, and they are little devils as well.

Through the eyes of the sacred organ, the world is a mixing pot of polarities: good and evil, light and dark, pain and pleasure. And then the bliss comes upon us as integration of duality. As we mix the pallet of polarities to paint a work of art.

The divine is not an idealized state of frozen perfection. Instead the divine is the perceiving, and mixing, and creating of a vision that sees beyond the static forms, thus allowing for all of the strange particularities and magnificent individualities of life. It is with this vision that we are able to bring the sacred truths into symbolic and archetypal form.

This is the gift of human consciousness. We are the ones who are the seers of the sacred. We are the ones who reflect the image of God back to God. We are the sacred mirror of the divine. And the more that we are capable of opening and dwelling within the aesthetic intensity of life, the more that our life becomes a work of art.


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      1. Clerical errors are a fact of life (writing). I am certainly not focusing on those little errors here and there. I am profoundly touched by your ability to express so much wisdom with such beauty of expression.

        I’m making progress, too. In a few more days I hope to be present with where you are today. 🙂

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