The divine in everyday life

Often we think of the divine as somewhere beyond life, as something to be achieved at the end of life, or experienced as a state of perfection.  The divine is linked with our concepts of other-worldliness, and lofty heights, and the actualization of those concepts is based upon our ideals of achievement and excellence. I think it was Plato who first gathered attention to the concept that God’s goodness is perfect, and that the ideal was to be perfect goodness like God.

Viewed from a perspective of the Self, the divine encompasses the whole of the world, as well as our idealized forms. To connect to the eternal truth of the Self is to realize the divine within life, within our relationships and within the world around us.  We do not have to wait until we are perfect to begin to experience the divine.

For example, we can experience the divine in our relationships with those we love, in their empathy and tenderness– even when it is not always perfect. Sometimes our loved ones are there for us, and other times they may be busy or tired or just plain grumpy.  But what is divine about love is the constancy of it: we can hold it in our hearts and know that it is a sacred part of our lives.

The divine is all around us, and within us. We can take a walk or go for a stroll downtown, and like a treasure hunt, we can seek out the divine and find it hidden in the all nooks and crannies of life. To open to the divine in everyday life is to begin the process of seeing. It is a new vision. And with this visionary capacity, a creative relationship with life opens, offering a new horizon of possibility and potential.


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