the Poetics of Awareness

There is nothing above. There is nothing below. There is nothing beside you, or within you. You are pure awareness. To be aware is to perceive, and to perceive is to contemplate an object, and the object is empty.

You are transparent. The horizon of emptiness stretches out beyond your gaze of awareness, opening beyond all limits, until it reaches the shore of otherness. The other is wholly other. It is majestic luminosity, the horizon itself. It reveals itself in its immediacy as you, as the otherness of you, as a glimmering intensity of Self and other without bounds or boundaries. I am you and you are me, and yet we are each distinct. Is that possible?

The flesh that covers form creates curves, lines, and context.  The flesh creates space between perceiver and perceived. And yet the flesh becomes transparent in your luminosity. And then there is nothing but emptiness: an emptiness of all preconceptions that dissolves the coverings between the divine body and mine. Where do the boundary lines of subjectivity lie?

You are the body of God. I hear your call and I answer. I am the shore against which the ripples of your tones reverberate: the body that feels your pulse, the eyes that turn their gaze to perceive you. My own small ripples call out to you. Can you hear them?

My vision is altered, my sea legs weak, when I walk within your body. I belong neither here nor there, but only exist within the liminal realms, guiding the undead back to you so that you may know yourself more completely. I am the eternal psychopomp, and if you are ready I will guide us back to the rhizomal root from which we grew.

It is through this doorway which we must go: the doorway of the heart. For all other gateways lead into labyrinths from which I cannot find my way. My heart is a sacred organ of perception. It is a meeting place in which the horizontal and vertical lines of our bodies cross. It is the pulsating organ in me, which finds its rhythm in tune with the primal pulsation in you.

It is this primordial instinct that calls me to you. It is the eternal rhythm of your heart beat that sets the whole world in motion. The systolic and diastolic rhythm pulsates: a push outward and then return. One rhythm that both takes me away from you, and then draws me back to you. Even the old Dr. Freud could recognized this rhythm: “anabolism of catabolism”, the building up of energy and the release of energy.

Can you feel the divine body of God pulsating: the building up of energy and the release. It is the building up of knowledge and the release of knowing. Consciousness builds, until it reaches a crescendo of awareness, and then dissolves back into itself. We transcend the divine body of God, reflect upon it, and then merge back into it. Billions of individual beings emerging and dissolving, coming into differentiated awareness, and then returning to pure awareness.

These moments are only the flickering flames in the mystical fire of your love. Moments when consciousness blossoms into awareness, only to dissolve again into the eternal love from which it sprang.  And in this ephemeral moment I wonder if we cannot, together, turn our gaze and recognize each other in this love: as two subjects emerging from eternity to know each other. The absolute and the particular, the eternal mind and the temporal mind, the divine body and the individual body: are all one body and yet they are two, capable of recognizing each other in love and inter-subjectivity.

Let me know you. Speak to me in your language of dreams, so that I may recognize your subjectivity. It is only this very small amount of time that we have to be separate, to know each other as separate, before we become one again. Turn your gaze to see me, and I will guide us back to the Self.


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  1. Beautiful, Jenna! I am so priviledged to discover your light. Lead on! I am ready for the journey. 🙂

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