Sacred Dreaming

are the voice of the unknown.”

“The dream is the divine voice and messenger.”

“A divine influx could take place in dreams”

–quotes from Carl Jung

Each night when we fall into sleep, we enter the realm of the archetypes. Dream-time is a journey into the borderlands that lie between the ego mind and divine mind. And to dream is to enter into hieroglyphic communion with the larger body of life.

Dreams speak a language that is difficult to understand, for dreams lie outside the symbolic matrix of the ego, taking us into the liminal borderlands of immanence. The dream is a communion between God and soul. Dreams are the nutrient soil of our spiritual growth and development; the place and the space from which the root of the soul sprouts. To dream is to traverse the creative ground of being. Our dreams go on day and night, beyond the grasping perceptions of the ego. To become conscious of this capacity is a path of realization.

The dream is the realm of spiritual digestion. Carl Jung said that the archetypes are like  “organs” (CW 9I, para 266). I see them as the “organs” of spiritual digestion.

To dreams is to traverse the liminal boundary lands of the divine, as it intersects with our own mind. Dreaming the divine is a process of dreaming the shadow as well as the light. The dream digests the experiences of life. The frustration, the confusion, the continual choices that present themselves to us are worked through and worked over in the sacred dream lands. The dreams guide us in this process.

We can learn to speak the language of dreams, discovering the ways that the divine veils and unveils itself to us. What are we seeing and not seeing?  Who is being revealed and what are they revealing? These are the questions one might ask of themselves, in the morning when they wake.


  1. Carl Jung, Psychology and Religion, p. 21.

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