Immanence as divine play

Immanence is an insight of philosophers, mystics, and sadhus alike: a realization that all of our efforts at transcendence are mere preparations for immanence.

Transcendence prepares us for an immanent turn, when we shift our gaze from fantasies of the ‘beyond’ and realize the truth of a divinity which saturates life. This immanent turn is available as we must move beyond the dualities inherent in thought and open to a world of multiplicity, possibility, and potential. It is an opening which leads us to the insight that the divisions we hold between sacred and profane, between good and evil, between one god and another, are but root illusions.

Opposition is but the dynamic play of the divine, and human beings hold the potential to dialectically integrate this oppositional nature through the creative capacity of conscious awareness.  It is only within this process of dialectical synthesis that we can realize immanence as the divine play of life, as creation and pro-creation through opposition and integration. It is lila– the dance of sacred lovers. It is the dance of the divine mother and father forever playing out their games of love and strife. And it is the dance of consciousness which is capable of awareness of this wondrous game of love… which we call life.


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