Carl Jung often spoke of the transpersonal dimension. The transpersonal is the aspect of being that is ‘trans’ personal or beyond the individual personality. Jung (CW 9I) says: “The deeper layers of the psyche lose their individual uniqueness as they retreat farther and farther into darkness.” (para.291).

According to Carl Jung the psyche spontaneously creates ‘fantasy-images’ that fall into two categories, the personal and the transpersonal . He says:

“First, fantasies (including dreams) of a personal character, which go back unquestionably to personal experiences, things forgotten or repressed, and can thus be completely explained by individual anamnesis. Second, fantasies (including dreams) of an impersonal character, which cannot be reduced to experiences in the individual’s past, and thus cannot be explained as something individually acquired.”

It is the second group that includes the transpersonal fantasy-images. He says:

“These fantasy-images undoubtedly have their closest analogues in mythological types. We must therefore assume that they correspond to certain collective (and not personal) structural elements of the human psyche…. These cases are so numerous that we are obliged to assume the existence of a collective psychic substratum. I have called this the collective unconscious.” (Carl Jung, CW 9I, para. 262)

According to Carl Jung the archetypes of the collective unconscious spontaneously present themselves in dreams, imagination, and vision. Jung says:

In the dream, … there are numberless interconnecions to which one can find parallels only in mythological associations of ideas (or perhaps in certain poetic creations which are often characterized by a borrowing, not always conscious, from myths) (CW 9I, para. 259)

These archetypes are found in the myths and art of “the most widely separated peoples and races” (para. 147). Carl Jung states that within the transpersonal “the symbol of the world itself is speaking.” (CW 9I, para 291).

When we learn to speak the language of archetypes we learn about more than just ourselves, we learn to speak the language of the Self: as personal self, as collective self and as cosmic Self!


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  1. I see that in the collective unconscious we do not possess iterations of an unconscious experience or reality like we might all have copies of a popular book or recording, but that at the deepest level (at the darkest level) we share a single reality, a single experience. It is here that my dream is your dream and my reality is your reality. My thoughts are your thoughts. We are one. I like this. 🙂

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