Revolution is revelation: Hegel and Self-realization

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is a great read for those on the path to Self-realization. Hegel tells us that human beings are woven together into a spiritual body: the Zeitgeist. History is the movement of this social body through time.

Hegel speaks of Self-knowledge as the “knowledge of the self as the essential reality” (Phenomenology of Spirit, 654). History is the spiritual body coming into awareness, it is philosophy. Hegel says: “Man creates an historical world only in order to know what this world is and thus understand himself in it”.

We understand our world because we perceive through the lens of temporality. This history is within all of us, it is the temporalization of our subjectivity. And we come to know ourselves through this temporalization.

The word revolution comes from the Latin root revolutio, which means “a turn around”. Revelation a moment in history when the Zeitgeist, as the spiritual body, shifts its perspective and opens a new horizon. We do not know exactly what this new horizon will offer, but we can trust in the greater movement of the Zeitgeist. For ultimately, it is the spiritual body of life coming into “knowledge of the self”.

Revolutio: to revolve, to evolve, to turn around and see our truth. This is a process of coming into greater understanding of ourselves. It is through revolutio that we come into ‘knowledge of the self’, both an individual and as the absolute.