Reflection on the deepest strata of the mind

An encounter with the deepest strata of the mind, as might occur in meditation active imagination, can lead to a direct encounter with the deity. This may be the nature of the visions. To encounter the deepest strata of the mind is to encounter the eternal nature of the Self.

Carl Jung’s work revealed that within the mind of every individual is the God image. The God image spontaneously occurs in the minds of human beings. It is immanent to psychic life. Jung says:

” God is a psychic fact of immediate experiencing.”

Around the world, across the diversity of cultures, and throughout time there have appeared various forms of Gods and Goddess. The God image is immanent to psychic life, as an image of the Self. Jung says:

The “God-image [coincides] with the archetype of the Self” (CW 11, par. 757, in Answer to Job).



One thought on “Reflection on the deepest strata of the mind

  1. I love the work you’ve done here! Wonderful!

    I’ve been reading and writing about Jung, Hillman, and other topics for about twenty years, first as a college student, and now as a blogger and armchair philosopher.

    I like your emphasis on immanence and thoroughly agree that our culture is gradually changing from one of transcendence to one of immanence.



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