Wilfred Bion on the Mental Matrix

Psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion meditates upon the depths of the psyche and “ultimate reality”.  Bion uses the symbol “O” to denote this  “ultimate reality”. He says it is “the essence of the unconscious as well as of the Unknown.” O is the real which lies beneath our preconceived notions of reality. We can consider O in terms of the absolute “unknowable thing-in-itself.” 

For Wilfred Bion the ultimate reality is to be distinguished from the ways in which a particular person transforms and experiences reality. Each of us experience the depths of the psyche that we encounter the divine, though it is often hidden and obscured in archetypal imagery and emotions.

If we take two individuals in a given moment each person will perceive their own particular variation of the moment; one person may experience sensations of tension, while the other experiences sensations of peace.  The variations in a given person’s perceptions of a moment is not due to variations in the nature of ultimate reality, but instead is a product of the way a particular person transforms reality.


One thought on “Wilfred Bion on the Mental Matrix

  1. I would add, too, that the way a particular person transforms immanence is not constant, but shifts as the person’s perspective shifts. Today, this moment, we see this moment from this perspective; tomorrow, the next moment, we see this moment from another perspective. Our egos scramble to keep up as they can, that is, scramble until they learn to relax and give up the notion of control. 🙂

    Your blog is like an oasis. 🙂

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