notes on Deleuze: Pure Immanence



“Pure plane of possibility.”

“doesn’t refer to an object or belong to a subject.”

“Drives before being, pre-ontological drives.”

“increase or decrease of power [energy].”

“immanence is not immanence to substance; rather, substance and modes are in immanence.”

A life

“A life is the immanence of immanence, absolute immanence.”

“What is immanence? A life.”

“between his life and his death, there is a moment that is only that of a life playing with death. The life of the individual gives way to an impersonal yet singular life that releases a pure event.”

“freed from the accidents of internal and external life, that is from subjectivity and objectivity of what happens.”

“A life is everywhere, in all moments that a given living subject goes through and that are measured by given lived objects: an immanent life carrying with it the events or singularities that are merely actualized in the subjects and objects.”

“This indefinite life does not have moments, close as they may be to one another, only between times, between moments; it doesn’t just come about or come after but offers the immensity of an empty time when one sees the event yet to come and already happened.”

“The singularities and events that constitute a life coexist with the accidents of the life that corresponds to it, but they are neither grouped or divided in the same way. They connect with one another in a manner entirely different from how individuals connect. “

“Life always contains virtuals”: [becoming] [possibility] [singularities] {events].


“consciousness becomes a fact only when a subject is produced at the same time as its object, both being outside the field and appearing as transcendent”.

“were it not for consciousness, the transcendental field would be defined as a pure plane of immanence.”

“Pure stream of subjective consciousness.”

“consciousness without a self.”

“without sensation, for sensation is only a break in the flow of absolute consciousness.”

Related thoughts on immanence and transcendence

The one is not transcendence that might contain immanence but the immanent contained in a transcendental field.

Transcendence is always a product of immanence.

Immanence generates the spectre of transcendence out of its inconsistency in itself and immanence is experienced when transcendence is sacrificed and seen as an illusion.

Reimagining opens whole new capacity.


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