The Pulsation of Life

Have you ever been at a peak overlooking the city, and seen the sparking lights pulsate? All the lights of singular lives blending into each other, filling the horizon. The world pulsates. The individual lives merge together into a mass of human beingness. Creating a rhythm: as patterns emerge and dissipate out of the collective hum of possibility. Life appears different from afar than it is from up-close.

Up at the peak we have the perspective to see the pure pulsation of life; life is potential and possibility. This is the allure of transcendence: a brilliant moment when we have perspective, when we experience the pleasure of in-sight. The transcendent state provides a perspective that allows us to experience life in its totality. In these moments, we move beyond our own singularity and become connected with the larger totality of life. We move deeper into life.

Transcendence is often thought of as a state of being that is beyond the world, beyond the flow of life. And yet, experiencing an exalted moment of transcendence is never about being outside of life. Instead, the heights of transcendence provides a moment of (in)sight when we can release the grasping clutch we hold upon our preconceived notions. It is a moment of (in)sight in which we when we can glimpse into the brilliant pulsation of pure potential that is immanent to life. The pleasure that we assume is a transcendent pleasure is, in actuality, a deeper connection with the Self. It is immanent to life, as a moment when an individual being connects with the divine embodied within life.