A Glimpse of Immanence

Immanence is known only through glimpses: a moment of pure perception obtained as consciousness shifts from one perspective to another. And it is this movement, this shifting of perspective, that gives shape and texture to the multifaceted surface of the mind in which truth emerges.

Here on the surface of this shining diamond of consciousness we begin to create meanings that symbolize that which by its very nature is difficult, if not impossible, to symbolize. Consciousness is the vehicle through which we begin to psychically venture into inner realms that are prior to language. Through consciousness we can turn our gaze and discover the divine truth that is within self, other and world.

Immanence is the non-symbol. It is a negation of the superficially known, which then opens us to the possibility of the unknown in ourselves, lives, and world. It is a word used to describe that which lies within, and thus lies beyond representation or articulation.

It is that which is in opposition to the transcendent aims of consciousness, and thus it can never be the direct object of perception. It is the other, of the other, reflected within oneself, and thus precisely that which cannot be directly perceived, except as if one were traversing a mirrored hall backwards. And while the mirror is reflective of the subject, the nature of navigating via a reflected surface alters the movement the subject in relation to themselves.


3 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Immanence

  1. Today I had a glimpse of immanence. Having spent years doing inquiry and paying attention the subtle shifts of my consciousness by sensing, looking and listening to the happenings of my life intimately connected to the inner realm of my psyche. I have found trust in the spiraling of the essential nature of my being by going through the many struggles of working with old object relations intertwined with various levels of truth in present time reality. As I have distilled my awareness into a still tranquil knowing I find the arising of my self has a sense of becoming. I have been able to find this awareness of simultaneous knowing and becoming at a particular moment in time when certain facets that I have been working through integrated together. At that moment of integration the fulcrum turned to immanence. It was inevitable yet not planned. It was spontaneous and found in vast mystery of the unexpected. And it wasn’t that I was really looking for anything. I was just paying attention. I had the feeling of the culmination of the change and the unchanging being one immanence.

    Thanks for the space to reflect on immanence. I enjoyed reading your writing Jennifer, and found it inspirational.

  2. Beautiful writing and explanation of the concept of “immanence” which is a new way for me to look a recent experience. I need some time to read more of what you have written. I never connected the divine with Freud. Thought he just missed it entirely.

  3. . When it came, I found the mystical state through pure serendipity; it took me totally by surprise, was completely different than what I had imagined, and did not fit at all into my world view. It was during August of my sixty-third year:

    I was watching a nature flash video on my computer when I became aware that the images on the screen had changed in appearance; they seemed very intense, seemingly alive, and they could be felt in every part of my mind and body. In particular, I noted rose-colored clouds—like you see in some beautiful sunsets. Simultaneously, I felt an emotion composed of pleasure, happiness, joy, euphoria, and ecstasy that exceeded, by far, any other positive affect I had experienced in my lifetime. At the same time, I became aware of thought processes of an absolute sense of knowingness, that all made sense, that all questions were answered, that death and the problems of the world did not matter as everything would work out in the end. Money and material things were not important. I knew that this mystical experience was the purpose of my life, and that all else paled in comparison. I knew the event was not of this world, and that I had enjoyed the privilege of connecting with something greater than myself—something that was fundamental to all existence. I do not know how much time had passed, but I guessed somewhere between ten and twenty minutes. I returned to my normal state of consciousness and have never experienced anything again of a similar nature.

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