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Thoughts on Carl Jung’s notion of ‘psychic facts’

“God is a psychic fact of immediate experience, otherwise there would never have been any talk of God. The fact is valid in itself, requiring no non-psychological proof and inaccessible to any form of non-psychological criticism. It can be the most immediate and hence the most real of experiences, which can be neither ridiculed nor disproved.” —Carl Jung

There are two basic perspectives from which philosophy postulates God. One is of God transcendent to life– outside of or beyond life. The other is of God immanent to life– within life and the world around us.

An even more radical idea is that the God (or the God image) is coincident with the Self. We see this idea in the Hindu Upanishads. Brahman (God) is called the “supreme Self” (read Sankara, ie p.186). Carl Jung appears to come to the same realization. For instance, Jung said:

The “God-image [coincides] with the archetype of the Self” (CW 11, par. 757, in Answer to Job).

In my humble opinion– the closer the better. If God is within, if God is the so close that it is coincident with the self, then this is as about as close as we can get.


Śaṅkarācārya, Eight Upanishads, translated by Swami Gambhirananda

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